Greenwood Guitars


We custom order to suit the player?

Did you always want a Tele with a Strat neck…. Jazz with  Tele & Strat pickups…or something else different…?

At Greenwood Guitars we specialize in Frankensteins…

If you like Strats, Teles, 335s, SG’s, LP’s, Gretch, PRS, even Mosrite types of guitar, why not have a custom that combines them…

We can make most shapes and layouts of your favorite guitars.. and the colour you like too…

Made to order… made in Linville Queensland Australia…

and we do rebuilds and setups too…..

contact us on the form below… and receive our information pack to order your guitar today

(build period – min. 21 – 28 depending on parts availability)

ph 0429 977 170

     ’59’ Belair                  Blasteriod “Relic”              Valquero Diablo              ’73’ Jazzman

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