Pre Order the long awaited Buzz Talay’s Album “Drinking Muddy Water”


make sure you get your order in…..for the new year


“Drinking Muddy Water” promises to be a great album and there have been a lot of inquiries about when it will be available for sale. Even more so since it started screening on Foxtel’s Country Music Channel. To simplify things we are making an online list. Fill out the form and submit it to be notified when the album is available. You don’t have to pay for it now and it will be available as either  a CD album or downloaded via CDBaby, iTunes, Google Play Store etc.


1. anonymous QLD

2. Tracy  NSW

3. anonymous NSW

4. Paul QLD

5. K. Arnold

6. anonymous VIC

7. D Smith QLD

8. Peter Watts WA

9. R. Wright QLD

10. anonymous VIC

11. Nell Jeffrey  QLD
12. S. Woodward WA
13. Harry. H VIC
14. Anonymous NSW
15. Anonymous NSW
16. L. Nearhos SA
17. Kathy. D NT

18. Anonymous NT

19. B. Hall QLD

20. T. Cox QLD

21. Rodger Franks NSW

22. Anonymous QLD

23. Donna v  QLD

24. Denise T QLD

25.Steve H Qld

26. E  Shaw  NSW

27. S Stevens NSW

28. A Demetros SA

29. B Petrasz  Qld

30. Alex T SA

31. J McGreggor VIC

32. S Duke  TX

33. C Huntley VIC




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